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Care & Maintenance
Care and Maintenance for your solid surface countertopWe have listed manufacturer's suggested care and maintenance techniques on this Website as a convenience to you, our valued client.
The following are general guidelines for solid surface care and maintenance. It is provided as a guideline and should not be taken as instructions or a guarantee.

For professional maintenance and repairs, please contact us.

Removing Stains
Soapy water and a sponge will remove most stains. Do not use 409 or Fantastik. For
more stubborn stains use a blue scotch-brite pad and Soft-Scrub. Apply the Soft-
Scrub to the countertop and scrub in a circular motion using the blue scotch-brite pad.
Both of these products are available at most stores. Always scrub in a circular motion.
Finish by buffing in a circular pattern using an Abralon (soft, spongy, red and gray)
sanding pad. Polish using Countertop Magic or a similar countertop polish.

Heat Warning!
Solid surface materials withstand heat better than many other surface materials. However,
hot pans, electric frying pans, waffle irons, crock-pots, and other heat-generating
appliances, can damage the surface. To prevent heat damage, always use a trivet with
rubber feet between the appliance and the countertop.

General Guidelines

In most cases, solid surface can be repaired if damaged. However, be sure to follow the
guidelines here to prevent any permanent damage to your solid surface. Damage caused
by customer abuse or consumer error will not be covered under warranty.
  • Avoid exposing solid surface to strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven
    cleaners, etc. If contact occurs, quickly flush the surface with water.
  • Remove nail polish with a non-acetone-based nail polish remover and flush with
  • Do not cut directly on your solid surface countertop. Cutting directly on it will
    damage the surface. Always use a cutting board to protect your countertop.
  • Run cold water when pouring boiling water into sinks.
  • Always use a trivet under heat producing appliances. You should have been provided
    a trivet with your countertop. If you did not receive one, please contact us. Hot pans
    can also damage your solid surface. Use a trivet with legs or a hot pad, under all hot
Removing Cuts and Scratches
For minor scratches and blemishes follow the same steps used to remove stubborn stains.
For deeper scratches, start by sanding in a circular motion using a green scotch-brite
pad with Ajax cleanser or some other abrasive cleanser. Both of these products are
available in most stores. Scrub until all scratches are gone. Apply heavy pressure on the
scotch-brite at first, and then gradually use lighter and lighter pressure. Next sand with
a maroon scotch-brite pad. Again sand in a circular motion using light pressure covering a slightly larger area than previously sanded. Blend the area being sanded with the rest of the surrounding countertop. Then polish with a blue scotch-brite pad and Soft-Scrub. Next buff with an Abralon sanding pad. Remember to sand in a circular motion progressively using less and less pressure. Always wipe off the surface between sanding steps. Finish by polishing with Countertop Magic. All of these sanding steps can be accomplished by using an orbital palm sander or a vibrating sander.

For deeper scratches that cannot be removed with the above steps, please contact ProTops. We would be happy to explain how to remove deeper scratches by yourself. Some scratches and damage may require repair by a professional. Many customers will hire ProTops to professionally resurface their countertop as needed. Please contact us to schedule an appointment if you would like this service.

Solid Surface Sink Cleaning
Your sink has a matte finish on it. For normal cleaning, use a maroon or blue scotch-brite
pad and a mildly abrasive cleanser such as Soft Scrub®. Scrub in a circular motion. This
should remove most stubborn stains. Occasionally clean your sink by filling it 3/4 of the
way full with warm water. Put a cup of bleach in the warm water and let the solution soak
for 10 minutes. Drain and wash the sides and bottom of your sink completely with clean

Additional Help or Information

For additional information or questions concerning the care and maintenance of your
solid surface, please contact us. Caring for and maintaining your solid surface will keep it looking good and performing well for many years.

You may find that your solid surface looks different after 6-12 months of using and living
with it. The solid surface will assume a look based on the way you clean and maintain it.
For questions concerning the appearance of your solid surface and how to maintain it,
please contact us. We are happy to help and want you to get the most benefit from your

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